The Manager - Cameron Stockbrokers Limited
(AFSL 246705)

Business of Manager
The Manager was incorporated on the 23rd December 1999 and was issued with an unrestricted security dealers licence by the Australian Securities Commission on the 11th July 2000.  The Manager became a Participating Organisation of the Australian Securities Exchange Limited in 2000 and acquired the firm of Cameron Securities, which was established in 1993.

The Manager has provided since its establishment investment advice, stockbroking services and corporate advisory services to a diverse range of clients.  In 2004, the Manager was granted an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL 246705).

The Manager is currently a participant of both the Australian Stock Exchange Limited and the National Stock Exchange of Australia Limited
Management Team

Steven Pritchard - B Com., CPA, ASIA

Steven Pritchard was responsible for the establishment of Pritchard & Partners Pty. Limited in March 1996.  He has been a director of the accounting firm Rees Pritchard Pty. Limited since 1989.  He has been providing investment advice to a diverse range of clients for more than 15 years.  Steven is currently also the Executive Chairman of Illuminator Investment Company Limited a listed investment company, and Cameron Stockbrokers Limited, and is a director of the listed investment company, Winpar Holdings Limited.

Adrian Leppinus - BCom

Adrian Leppinus joined Cameron Stockbrokers Limited in 2000 and has been employed as client advisor since 2001. He completed a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Sydney in 2000 then went on to complete a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance and Investment from the Securities Institute of Australia. Since then he has completed Level 1 of the CFA and the ASX Accredited Derivatives advisor Level 1 course.

Adrian’s current position at Cameron Stockbrokers Limited is Head of Equities which involves running the dealing desk. He also undertakes company research which encompasses both large and small companies. He specialises in the smaller mining and exploration companies and has built up strong relationships in this sector of the market over the last 10 years.

Victor Burley – B.E.(Hons) Monash), M. Bld.Sc. (Sydney), Grad.I.E.Aust

Victor Burley is a Graduate Member of the Institute of Engineers of Australia. He runs Techinca Pty. Limited which invests in mining and exploration companies listed in Australia.



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