Florin Mining Investment Company Limited (“Florin”) provides Shareholders with exposure to a portfolio of investments in natural resource companies, many of which they may not encounter in their day to day investing activities.

Florin predominantly invests in listed Australian securities. It may also invest in unlisted and overseas securities and managed funds.  In making its investment decisions Florin generally takes a medium to long term view with respect to its investments.  Florin focuses on active capital  management which may involve the issue of securities  through bonus issues, rights issues and option issues, with a view to enhancing the value of the Securities held by the investor.  Florin maintains a Dividend Reinvestment Plan.

Investment objectives
  • preserve the capital of Florin;
  • achieve a high real rate of return, comprising both income and capital growth; and
  • generally, limit the investments of Florin to natural resource companies
    being those companies;
  1. who derive a significant proportion of their revenues from the mining of base and precious metals, industrial minerals, and bulk commodities, the production of oil and gas or geothermal energy; or
  2. have a significant proportion of their assets invested, or they propose to invest a significant proportion of their assets, in activities involved in the exploration for base and precious metals, industrial minerals, bulk commodities, oil, gas and geothermal energy.

The investment objectives should be treated as a target only and should not be considered as an assurance or guarantee of the Portfolio or any part of it.

How we invest
Florin seeks to maximise the capital growth of its Portfolio by investing in natural resource companies.  Investments will primarily be in mining or exploration companies – that are either producing or exploring for base and precious metals, industrial minerals and bulk commodities.  From time to time the portfolio may have exposure to oil, gas and geothermal energy companies.  Whilst in making its investment decisions Florin will generally take a medium to long term view, it may however, from time to time acquire investments with a view to profit through short term trading opportunities.  Florin recognises that investment markets are not always perfectly efficient.  This provides the opportunity for Florin to generate investment results.  Florin believes that this can only be achieved on a consistent basis by adopting a long term investment horizon, seeking to invest in companies and securities with the potential for high or improving growth over the medium to long term.

Florin will:

  • focus on the investment merits of individual stocks rather than market and economic trends; and
  • be an active investor, seeking to invest in shares which it assesses to be undervalued relative to their longer term growth prospects.

In accordance with its long-term investment philosophy, Florin does not intend to seek to increase profit for distribution to Shareholders by selling investments.  Florin intends to reflect the revaluation of its investments in the asset revaluation reserve rather than in operating profit, subject to compliance with any future changes in relevant accounting standards.




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